Brazilian franchise with operations in America started activities in Europe and already has franchisees in Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Leiria

But what are franchises? Franchising is a system of marketing products and/or services and/or technologies, based on a close and continuous collaboration between legally and financially distinct and independent companies, the Franchisor and its Franchisees, through which the Franchisor grants its Franchisees the right, and imposes the obligation, to operate a company in accordance with its Concept.

“I like to playfully explain that the franchise is like a cake recipe that worked and it’s important to maintain the standard to replicate the success, despite changing the hand of the confectioner.” Who explains it is Lucas Atanazio Vetorasso, big name of the franchise market in Brazil, CEO of the ATNZO GROUP and owner of the company Poppys Fast Food, which has already started its operations in Portugal.

For being an attractive sector for entrepreneurs, the franchise market requires knowledge about the risks and concerns related to security, so it is important to be aware of the various strategies that can be adopted to minimize such risks, thus increasing the chances of success. When asked about strategies, Yamaguchi affirms that “market research and cultural understanding are fundamental for the evaluation of the business viability and fidelity of the target audience that will be built.

The speed of change occurs not only in the financial market, but in the consumer market in general, there are changes in behavior that cause novelties to be inserted more and more frequently in the market, and these challenges in the franchise market are considered in scale,

Why do people invest in franchises?

“Entrepreneurs choose to have a Franchisor by their side, not just to receive a strong brand. Franchisees receive support in Marketing, Products, Services, Finance and in all the necessary senses to achieve the success they desire,” says Atanazio. In periods of economic instability, franchising is even more solid, since business mortality rates are negligible when applied to the franchise format.

The mind behind brands

At the head of Grupo ATNZO, a franchise holding company, Lucas Atanazio Vetorasso, with only 38 years of age, has more than 3,200 franchise units and receives contacts from entrepreneurs from all over the world interested in expanding their business. Awarded the chair of Immortal by the Brazilian Academy of Writers, Atanazio also provides articles for important communication vehicles focused on the business area.

The market is not for amateurs

The speed with which changes occur in consumer behavior causes novelties to be inserted more and more frequently in the market, making the competition gradually more aggressive. Taking into account this obstacle, it is important to remember that for a brand to grow and stand out it needs to be built strategically. “Franchising is not paperwork, it’s strategy,” explains Atanazio, who is called by many a strategist, a title he likes very much.

“A good brand positioning is an action of differentiation of a company, product, brand or service through tangible or intangible attributes. That is, it is the first impression of your target audience, it is the first contact that your customers have with your competitive differentials before even knowing them. Clarity and breadth must go together.”, clarifies the entrepreneur.

Poppys Fast Food

There are many burger joints around the world. Data shows that the burger represents 36% of the world fast food market. So what are the reasons for a new brand to gain market share so strongly in various locations around the world? We asked the CEO who replied, “Simplicity and authenticity. From the beginning, we raised the flag of the true and traditional burger, without freshness and, as our slogan says, ‘Cut to the chase’. The good news is that we find many people with the same purpose. Have a good meal. Here in Brazil we have a phrase that can summarize: ‘the simple very well done is better than the complicated done anyway’”, concludes Atanazio.

Start in Portugal

“See, it is not today that I receive contacts from Portuguese Entrepreneurs and Consultants with the intention of opening a branch of ATNZO or even implementing our franchises, but I believe that in the business sector, the successful entrepreneur has to be aware of the correct timing,” replies Atanazio.

Looking at the forecasts of the various national and international bodies, the consensus is that next year will be one of slowdown. But the level varies, the most recent being the most optimistic: the Bank of Portugal estimates that the Portuguese economy is expected to grow by 6.8% this year and 1.5% in 2023.

Still, the ministers of Finance and Economy have already admitted that the economy may grow more than expected in the OE this year and, as Mário Centeno explained in the presentation of the latest bulletin, growth in 2022 also allows a “transitary” effect for next year, although more minimal.

Next steps

When asked about the next steps, Atanazio takes the leading stance and already points to new partnerships in other European countries. “We know the global economic instability and the challenges in European countries, but that doesn’t scare me. ‘ I come from Brazil,’” the businessman jokes and adds, “… I always say that I am a Captain of the sea in fury and, without a doubt, I repeat, this is the perfect moment.”, concludes the young CEO cited at the end of 2022 by Paulo Guedes, then Brazil’s Minister of Economy as a “good model to follow”.


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